Grocery Shopping

Need help grocery shopping for your plant-based lifestyle? Here are some sample lists to help get you started. These are fairly general and I've omitted juice/drinks, convenience foods and even oils since we shouldn't be going out of our way to include those things in our diet. Everything should be as close to a whole food as possible, and obviously plant-based; it may say vegan on the label but still read the Nutrition Facts and ingredients list to be sure it's not loaded with extra sugar, fat and sodium. Condiments, of course, may contain those things so find the best products you can and remember that things like ketchup and soy sauce are ingredients which add flavor; don't make them center of your plate. It will take time to retrain your shopping habits but it can be done! For the first couple of months it took me forever to get through the grocery store because I was reading each food label so closely. Now I breeze through my list because I actually pass by so many aisles all together. It didn't take long to realize that there were very few packaged products that could pass my new plant-based guidelines.

I've included as many food items on each list as I could, to act as inspiration as well as marketing reminders, but I was also determined to keep them to a single page so there are certainly things missing. If you find an egregious omission feel free to message me and I'll try to squeeze it in... or start a new list!

Note: The PCRM link offers two great fill-in-the-blank templates, reminding you to include healthy Fruits. Vegetables, Whole Grains and Legumes in your cart.

Plant-Based Grocery List

Herbs and Spices

PCRM Power Plate Shopping Templates