Below are online links and local resources to educate and support your plant-based lifestyle.


T. Colin Campbell                   

Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD 

Jeff Novick,MS, RD, LD, LN 

Dr. John McDougall               

Dr. Dean Ornish                     

Dr. Michael Greger                


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You can also find a comprehensive list of resources through the Center for Nutrition Studies:

As a starter, link to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine's free downloadable booklet Healthy Eating for Life: Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival . A great resource that's not just for people concerned with cancer... it's healthy food for everyone:

and their Nutrition for Kids document:


21-Day Vegan Kickstart:       

Forks Over Knives:                 

Rouxbe Cooking School        


Integrative Medicine/UC Davis