Beyond Excited!

If you don't already know, I am totally new to this. THIS meaning blogging, social networking, posting, food photography, putting myself out there... all that, not to mention a modicum of organization. So I am beyond excited that just three weeks into my blog I have a copy of Dreena Burton's new cookbook on my laptop waiting to be reviewed. I innocently shared the release information on my Facebook page and was instantly rewarded with a reply from the author. More importantly, this exemplifies my overall experience during the past few weeks. The whole-food, plant-based community is huge - much bigger than I imagined. It was more than a bit daunting to find so many blogs, forums, seminars, doctors, nutritionists and chefs focused on the healthfulness of a plant-based diet but I soon discovered this is a highly supportive group. Everyone I've reached out to has been more than encouraging and we all seem to share the same goal - spread the word.

So here it goes... whether you're already living a plant-based lifestyle, considering going vegan, or just want to add more healthful plant foods to your family's diet, I'm here to help. I want to educate but I don't stand on a soapbox and I firmly believe in baby steps so please feel free to post, make suggestions and ask questions - if I don't have the answers, I'll find someone who does.

I've only just skimmed through Plant-Powered Families, Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole Foods Vegan Recipes but I can already say that it's the perfect book for parents who are discovering plant-based cooking, or any cooking at all! The recipes look simple, yummy and kid-friendly (which in my house might mean husband-friendly, too) but the real value here is the clear and concise forward which explains how to set yourself up for success through prepping your kitchen and batch cooking. There are also several sections which address kid specific issues like school lunches, picky eaters and parties as well as instructions for creating plant-based staples, nutritional charts and sample meal plans. As a (vegan) parent, Dreena Burton has great advice for families both about food and parenting and succeeds in laying out the basic concepts of a plant-based diet in a way that's easy to understand and implement, without taking pages and pages to do it. As with most things, the beauty is in its simplicity.

I'm looking forward to a more in-depth read and I'm also going to be testing a few of her dishes on your behalf (while also powering through the last three weeks of my Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Certification) I'll be passing on a recipe or two, so let me know what you'd like to see: Red Lentil Hummus? Artichoke Sunflower Burgers? Chickpea Salad? Crazy Brownies? Post your vote... majority rules.